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An EASY Way To Monetize Your Blog, Get FREE Content, Build Social Signals, Increase Engagement And More...

Now You Can Allow Your Blog GUESTS To Post To Your Blog Without Registering Themselves! Get Free Content, User Interaction, Social Signals, and MONETIZE This Plugin ANY Way You Want!

Using Wp Guest Poster, you can build strong user interaction and ongoing engagement on all of your Wordpress blogs.

Not only that, but you're getting FREE 'user generated content' for your blog, keeping it fresh with no work on your part!

Of course while visitors are reading this new content, they will also be exposed to everything else you have setup on your blog! (like your ads, your other posts, archives, sharing buttons, optin forms, pop ups, exit pops, etc...)

How It Works: (Screenshots)

Upload and Activate:

Create A New Page

Insert Shortcode

You can even direct the user to ANY URL after they submit an article to your blog using this shortcode:
[guest-posts thanks="http://yourofferhere.com"]

Now this is where you can MONETIZE this tool, by sending users to a special offer, one of your products, an affiliate offer, Amazon product, CPA offer...or ANYWHERE ELSE YOU WISH!

And finally...

You can create a user in your Wordpress dashboard, and assign all new posts to be 'posted by THIS USER'. 

Example: Create a user named 'Guest Author' in your Wordpress dashboard. Every user has an ID number. As Admin, you are user 1. If this 'Guest Author' is the only other user on your blog, their author id would be 2.

Place this code on your Guest Post page, and now every submitted post will say 'posted by Guest Author'
[guest-posts author=2]

*To use ALL 3 shortcodes combined, use this format:
[guest-posts author=2 thanks="http://yourofferhere.com"]

So How Does This Plugin Increase Your Social Signals?

Social Signals are currently a major factor in search engine rankings.

* Using Wp Guest Poster You Get Fresh New Content Posted To Your Blog - add your favorite social sharing buttons/plugin and you'll get more shares/likes/+1

* Remind your guest posters to share with their own social circles when their article is published!

Submit Article Page Screenshot:

Note: All posts made to your blog using Wp Guest Poster will be set to 'Pending' in your Wordpress Posts dashboard. You can then review them, and edit/publish as you wish!

Q: Where Can We Use This Plugin?

    * Your Clients

    * Your Sites

    * Sites You Sell


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