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  Boost search engine rankings using self-updating RSS feeds from any source

  Works with ordinary HTML web pages (no need to add any code to your pages)



Dear Friend,

Are you using RSS feeds on your website yet?

If not, then you are missing out on some really amazing benefits.

By adding RSS feeds to your website, you can get more visitors to your site, boost your income and get a higher ranking in the search engines.

In a moment, I'll explain exactly how RSS feeds achieve all this - and how you can easily add them to your website.

But first, I want to explain exactly what an RSS feed is, just in case you're not sure...


What is an RSS feed?

RSS feeds offer regularly updated content such as news stories or other content.

They are published by the major news sites and by many other sites too.

You can take an RSS feed and insert it directly inside your own web pages, turning the news stories or other content into ordinary website content.

Since the news site continually updates their RSS feed content, this means that your web page content updates continually and automatically.


Why would I want continually updated content?

Because it gives your visitors a reason to return to your site regularly, since you are always offering fresh content. 

More importantly, it's good for your search engine ranking as the search engines love regularly updated content.

The great beauty of using RSS feeds is that all the continual updates of your website content are done automatically, without you so much as lifting a finger!


Now that I've explained what an RSS feed is - and what the benefits are - let's take a look at what sort of content they can add to your site...




   Get All Sorts Of Free Automatically Updated Content

There are now loads of RSS feeds available free on the Internet, covering just about every subject and niche you can think of.

There are RSS feeds offering news, current affairs, auctions, product sales and much more.

Some of the major search engines now provide feeds for any search term - created by searching and then merging feed data from lots of other sites. 

There are also feeds available from the major news and information sites like BBC News, providing news stories and content for just about any subject.

In addition, there are now several commercial feeds that pay commissions, including feeds covering Clickbank and Amazon products.

All these feeds can be incorporated into your websites as search engine friendly content.

To see an example site featuring
RSS feeds from BBC News, click here.

News feeds are not a particularly good match for a chocolate site (there are few stories about chocolate, so the RSS feed contains a lot of general stories). But news feeds are great for lots of niches, such as current affairs, health, finance, etc.

If you visit the example site again tomorrow, you'll see different news stories. That's because the site automatically updates itself with new information through the RSS feed.

That's good for visitors, who'll always see the latest news stories and good for the search engines, which strongly favor regularly updated sites.


As you can see, RSS feeds offer massive benefits to any website.

All you need to take advantage of RSS feeds is a way to incorporate them into your pages.

Now with our RSS Weaver software, this is as easy as pie...




   The Easy Way To Add RSS Feeds To Your Sites

RSS Weaver can be used to add RSS feeds to any website in minutes.

Simply activate the software, fill in a short form with your details and your script will be created instantly.

Upload the script to your web host and it will activate immediately.

You don't need to add any complicated code to your web pages. You just need to insert some special text where you want to feed to appear.

Example: If you wanted to insert a BBC News RSS feed into your web pages, you would use the tool to create your script and upload it to your web host.

You would add the following text into each web page where you wanted the RSS feed to appear:


The script would replace %%otherrss1%% with the content of the RSS feed. The feed would be shown with the same font and color as the %%otherrss1%% text.

You can use up to 12 different RSS feeds on your website. Just create each script using the software - and then upload all the scripts to your web host.

Each RSS feed uses a different text. For example, if you used two feeds, you would add the following text into your web pages (putting each of the texts in the required position on your web page):


The scripts would replace each text with the content of the relevant RSS feed.




   Works With Ordinary HTML Pages

Unlike most other RSS tools, RSS Weaver works with ordinary HTML pages (pages with names ending in ".htm" or ".html").

You don't need to add any code to your pages. All you need to do is insert the special text (i.e. %%otherrss1%%) into the page where you want the RSS feed to appear.

This makes it very quick and easy to add RSS feeds to your websites.




   Easily Add RSS Feeds To Your Sites

You can add content from any RSS source to your website by using the RSS Feed Tool.

You can see a screenshot of this tool below:


You can use any RSS feed source, just by entering the web address of the RSS feed. The software includes instructions on how to find suitable RSS feeds and how to get the web address of the feed.

When you have entered your details, the software will generate the special script, which you upload to your website.

The RSS feed will then appear on your web pages with continually updated data - showing your visitors (and the search engines) the very latest information for your niche.




   Optimized Performance

The software incorporates (optional) "caching" technology to ensure that the RSS feeds do not slow down your web pages.

With this feature enabled, content is read and processed from the RSS feed source once an hour (or other period specified by you).

This means that there is hardly any overhead on your web server from using the scripts and your web pages should load just as quickly as normal.




   Use On All Your Websites

You can use the software on an unlimited number of websites - all for one low cost.




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Important Requirements

1. Your web host must support .htaccess files. Most decent web hosts support these as standard, but if you are unsure, please ask your web hosting company before ordering.

2. The script will only insert RSS feeds into HTML web pages (i.e. pages with file names ending in ".htm" or ".html"). Any other files on your site will not be affected, although it is possible to add RSS feeds to PHP pages by manually editing each PHP page to include a small amount of code (instructions included with the software).

3. The script creator software requires a PC running Microsoft Windows.


Earnings Disclaimer: Although RSS feeds can be an effective form of income generation and can boost search engine rankings, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control, including the website content, website design and keywords targeted. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the search engine position or income that you will attain by using this software.


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