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Have you entered my free makeup give away? Click below to win! Making your own concealer/corrector is really easy. All you need is a Pink/Red or Orange lipstick. I used OCC lip tars but a lipstick is just the same. By combining these colours with your own concealer you start to rearrange the colour making a corrector. A plus is that you also change the texture of the concealer – so if you have a concealer that is very dry in texture you can make it more emollient by adding the lipstick. Go slow, build colour gradually. Learning to use correctors can massively change your face by adding BRIGHTNESS rather than lightness. Women of colour can really benefit from correctors because they cancel out the ashiness that can often result from using a concealer that is too light. Personally speaking i prefer a more “bisque” shade of corrector than peach/salmon but this is a personal choice. They look amazing. Bobbi Brown Eve Pearl Makeup Atelier Paris All make wonderful correctors. concealer concealer for dark circles concealer for black women concealer and foundation tutorial concealer tutorial concealer reivew concealer for acne scars concealer palette concealer brush concealer for men how to conceal dark circles under eyes how to concealer acne scars how to conceal acne how to conceal pimples how to conceal eyebrows how to conceal blemishes how to conceal under eye circles how to conceal dark circles


megamonsterhigh101 says:

Are you? wearing eyeliner???

Nicole Rodriguez says:

What brand are the lip tars? I definitely want to try? this!

MissJessieAlice says:

LOVE! So helpful! Xxx?

mychinarose says:

This is a revelation! One thing that I’m really learning from you is to really step outside the box, and also to realize that simplicity can be genius. Who would have thought to mix a lipstick into concealer to use as a skin corrector/brightener? But it’s so? simple that it’s revolutionary. Thank you, Wayne!

lillypadmtf says:

holy hot man haha wow? it’s hard not to pay attention to this guy

diaGmond says:

I was really hoping you’d do an example for women? of color. When it comes to make-up I feel that you wrote the make-up Bible!! But so far I haven’t really seen any examples you give to us DARK skinned women. CAN you please do a vid or two with some EXAMPLES for women of color too!!

mzlatinnnagurl says:

HOW? DO WE KNOW WHAT COLOR TO USE? For example, Im around nc 45, what is a specific color lipstick that I? could blend into the concealer because I have no clue? For example, I imagine a pale pink blended in would look ridiculous because I have very yellow to almost orange-ish undertones to my skin. Love your channel btw you’re amazing!

510mesmeric says:

I love your vids! you truly have changed my? life!:)

Amna S.Q says:

so goin 2 try? this….thank you

Claire Smith says:

well hes a MAKE UP artist…think about it.?

iliketash says:

Hahahhahahha i was at a sleepover w/ my best friend,? she typed that not me hahhahaa.

misakinofuewngasugoi says:


Oly Blabla says:

that’s? freakin genious!

summer40001 says:

YES! After spending loads on concealer I can’t really afford to spend on correctors. Simply briliiant. Thanks a million. You really helped out a student on a? budget lol

tylajay2011 says:

Thank you sooo much for this video! I use bobbi brown corrector/eye brightner but I hate the fact that they are so expensive. can’t wait to try? out my very own :) YOU’RE AMAZING!

DramateyesMe1 says:

Can you do like a chart or something that guides which lip? color to add to which concealer color?

iioispdosp says:

?htt?://… ????????????????????????????????htt?://…? ??????????

TheElusiveReality says:

He’s a? makeup artist???

mysentient says:

me is? nc 20

DollyParton Fan says:

I am NC30 what color would you suggest I try? ?

manojaan548 says:

U? were just awsome.

rosieb2155 says:

im about an? nc15 in mac… what colour lipstick should i mix?x

toneeah1 says:

I don’t know my color shade :( this shows how terrible I am with makeup… Someone pls help, I’m a woman of color but not too dark :(?

radha11eleven says:

Fantastic!!! Thanks for addressing the ashiness in the skin for women of color! Loved this one Wayne!!!?

Jamielessthanthree says:

You must? be new here.

iliketash says:

how do u have lip tars? u must be a girl hahahaha i’m surprised u aren’t? rocking up in pink nail polish!!

pynkz says:

AMaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!! now i just need to figure out? which color suits me the most.. the peachy one or the pinky one D:

toobazac says:

ur a genius!!!? <3

Polishprincess9000 says:

where do you get your? pots??

3242dagirl says:

Love? You!


If ur skin goes brown in the sun,? you’re NC, if your skin turn “red” in the sun, you’re NW. You should go to mac’s website, all is explain. (:

yvettereyes1216 says:

Hey Goss im an NC 45, would the pink be good? for my color and if so can i use the foundation instead of concealer, I would be so grateful if you can reply, thanks so much

nat83210 says:

can u do a tutorial on how to make concealer creamier like when they are too dry and they? get cakey??Please

mjolnir3195 says:

can u? do a tutorial with a correcter in it plz?!!!!!

mexiazteca00 says:

Soooo kool? ! :) Will try the pink one im an NC40 !

AlyssaSeguin says:

Thx for this vid.?

BeautybyPatel says:

He’s? making corrector.

NataliaChuubs says:

Thank you soooooo much for this ! i Bought the laura mercier secret camouflage concealer but i bought? it the wrong shade but now i can correct it !! THanks sooo much !

Nezzygrl24 says:

you mentioned my exact MAC? color and a shade of lipstick I have looks like the demo. so psyched to try this!! thank you!!!!

marshmallow1507 says:

this? is so smart!! ?

Beverly Tran says:

2:33? is when the tutorial starts

little1intheuk says:

The love for? you was instant!

Elizabeth LaValley says:

You? look AMAZING in this video!

LovinggEros says:

Thank you. Omg.? You just saved me like 50 dollars. Now i can make my own salmon concealer!

SongHyeMiVocal says:

he is not a gay!!! he has a girlfriend? !! fuck u ! :P

makeuptoya says:

Wow it’s so obvious you’re a troll…especially with a name like that..?

MsMentaldental says:

That’s one of THE? most useful tips Evah!!!

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